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ESPN App Review – On Samsung Tv Free Trial Download Cost Login

Welcome to this article, ESPN App Review – On Samsung Tv Free Trial Download Cost Login user not authenticated on lg tv.

Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome back and today? We’re, going to be taking a look at the ESPN app. Now it is the one time of the year when all four major sports leagues in the United States are currently playing games.

It doesn’t last very long, but it is when most fans at once are interested in keeping up with sports scores and highlights and news. So it seems like a fitting time to take a look at this app. So when you first launch into the app you will see it’ll, let you select all of your favorite teams and leagues, so you can basically get those put to the top of the list, which is very nice because most of us have preferences On which teams we keep track of so as you can see,

I have my favorites on the home screen here and then when you go down, you will see leagues that you have favored it like the NHL, MLS, MLB, and NBA stuff, like that we can scroll Over here to the news – and it basically gives you all sorts of news from all sorts of different sports and teams – and like we click on those – they will open right within the espn app which is very nice.

It’s much better than when they redirect you to a website in Safari, so it’s, much easier to read in here than it is in certain apps. Now one thing that’s, unique to the ESPN app is the new section, and this basically gives you tweets and the like, from ESPN analysts and sports figures and stuff, like that.

I don’t personally use this at all, and I don’t think a lot of people do very often, but it’s nice that it’s here. I suppose it’s kind of just an easy feature up in the top left. You have the search button, which is pretty basic.

You can search for teams and players and all sorts of stuff like that. You can get to settings here where you can change your alerts and can change your favorites, and you can change your language now you can set up.

So you basically get alerts for all sorts of news from teams you’re interested in even leagues. Are interested and those basically just push notifications to your phone whenever stuff happens inside the league? So if we go over here to favorites you’ll.

Basically, just get all sorts of news from your favorite teams and favorite leagues, which I supposed to kind of useful. So now the next tab is basically sports and that just gives you all of these sports.

Now you see your favorites at the top, and then you see all of the rest of them at the bottom. Here you can click on anyone and it will take you to its page frequency news. You can see scores, you can see now and you can see.

Standings for the particular sport, so basically a one-stop-shop. So then the last two tabs here are basically listening, which gives you access to VSP radio as well as some of their podcasts and watch. Now they basically built watching.

You stand right in this app, so you no longer need to download that app itself. You can just do it right from here, so you sign in with your cable provider, and you can watch any other channels that are, that cable provider supports.

So if we click on something here, you’ll see it’ll load right up and you can basically just watch ESPN, which is a really nice feature that you’ll want to get with this app. So now, if we click on a game here, you’ll see this is a game preview.

Cuz game is not currently being played, it will show you the matchup projector it’ll show you these team leaders it’ll get like a good ticket. It’ll, give you injury reports all of that basic information there, which is really nice, of course, in tickets, and also shop.

So I can’t actually find a game that’s currently playing. But as you can see, when one’s over, he’ll basically get the recap here. Just like you, wouldn’t any other sports app and obviously, when a game is playing, you’ll be able to see things like live scores and stuff of that sort.

Just lots of live information. This is probably the best app along with the score for getting live info. While trying to watch a game. We can also click on a team’s page here and you’ll see you have all of their scores.

You’ll have their news, you’ll have now and you’ll have standings as well as a nice header off the top there, which is kind of convenient. Now there are 3d touch shortcuts from the home screen.

Here you can see your watch ESPN will see the radio and your favorites. We can also go over to the widget panel here and, as you can see, you basically get some of your favorite team’s scores, which is really nice to have right on your home screen through the widget panel.

By the way, the app does feature an iMessage app and an Apple watch out for the MS adapter. Basically just lets you send scores to your friends, which is kind of nice to have it’s, just kind of useful feature.

So, unfortunately, I can’t really show you anything from my iPhone 5s, because I don’t have an internet connection right now, but it does work. I’ve used it. I used years when I had the phone and it does work and obviously, it’s.

Gonna be a bit slower, but overall it does function just fine, so they definitely seem to have worked out most of the bugs. With this habit used to be really slow, the animations for jittery and it was practically unusable with how much it crashed, but they seemed to have fixed most of that, it seems to work fairly well now, so this, along with the score, the two apps I used, For the most part, to keep up with my sports needs, I switched back forth between depending on what I like, but this does work very well.

I would probably give it a four out of five stars could not perfect. I still think they could improve, but it does work and I I would recommend it if you’re looking for an app to keep up with Sports scores.

So thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoyed please consider liking and subscribing, is it really appreciated? It really helps me out. I post new videos every single Sunday, so I definitely exceed back next week, but until then

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