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Best eBay App Real Or Fake Reviews For Android And iPhone Download

Welcome to this article, Best eBay App Real Or Fake Reviews For Android And iPhone Download free apk for pc. This content is very useful.

And you’re selling on eBay. You run into those issues of the percentages that eBay takes from your store or how much money you might lose if you price your item a certain way. Well, this app here actually will help you kind of figure.

Those things out, I know back in the day I used to dropship a little bit, and that was one of my biggest gripes with using eBay for dropshipping. It was simply trying to figure out the best price point to price things so that a customer would want to buy it, but also I make a profit from it and not lose money in the process of making the sale.

So this app was really good. It helped me out a lot, and I thought I’d share it with you guys, especially if you’re out. There drop shipping or, if you’re thinking about dropshipping on eBay. This is definitely a great tool to have, or even if you’re thinking about just selling an item in general, you don’t have to be a drop shipper.

You could just want to sell something out of your home or let’s say you got some things that you know that would sell that you’ve created, and you want to put them up on eBay and see if anybody would Want them, this is also great out for you as well, not just drop shipper.

So let me go ahead and make that clear this for those of you who just want to sell things period on eBay. So let’s. Dive right in the name of the eBay App is called calculate and it will be listed in my description as well.

So don’t worry if you’re, not able to find the App Store. I’ll, have a link in the description for you to click on to actually get it from the App Store there. So don’t worry at all, but this is the icon.

Here. It’s a black icon with the green money sign. So when I open it up – and this is it – I mean it’s – a plain, Jane app there’s, nothing crazy! Going on with it. There’s, no other bells and whistles or ads floating around.

It just goes straight to the point, and you can start putting in your price points and things like that. So the first sign is the purchase price, so you’ll put it in your purchase price. How much you paid for the item that you’re, trying to sell you put in your selling price? Alright! This is how much you want to make on.

The actual item then goes down to shipping paid by the buyer or shipping pay by and seller. So if they say that the buyer is gonna pay for the shipping, so I say you’re selling item for $ 20, and then let’s say you want to charge $ 7 for shipping.

Well, you’ll. Simply just do this with so, for example, I’ll put $ 10 here. I’m selling item from 20 and then I’m gonna say I’m gonna charge, the buyer seven dollars to ship. The item now at the bottom here underneath that you have TRS and you have stored so what TR S stands for is top-rated seller.

So what eBay does it rewards certain sellers who have sold multiple items at a time you kind of get a percentage off of whenever the eBay fees are because you’re, a top rated seller constantly, you know getting good feedback and you’re making a lot of sales which in turn you make profit and eBay, makes a profit.

So if you’re a top rated seller, your percentage is probably a lot slower than the nine percent that eBay usually charges most of its sellers on there. All right so now for that check, marks for STRs and in-store, you can actually select what type of store you have now there are, different categories available.

So if you have like a text or you have an art store on eBay, you can actually select that here by simply clicking on the store selected in the category. But if you look at the bottom here, you can kind of see how everything’s kind of laid out.

So it has your profit, the eBay fee, and a PayPal fee. So out the bet, you know how much money you’ve made all right. You still dry it for $ 20 and it you charge $ 7 for shipping and then your eBay fee out of this would be a dollar ninety-four all right and then your PayPal fees gonna be a dollar eight cents.

Alright, so you can choose to select between top-rated seller or not so if you’re, not on top rated seller and say use your first time ever selling, you want to go ahead and uncheck that so you see now next to TR s, that Chick market is not highlighted in blue anymore; it’s, actually black.

Now that means that it’s deactivated and if you notice the profit a bit fee and a PayPal for you changed alright, so the eBay, if you went up to two dollars and 43 cents and a PayPal fee, is still the same.

But your profit now changed alright. So again, if you’re not on here or on eBay, a lot you definitely don’t want to have the check the top rated seller checkmark clicked because you kind of get it you.

Get a miscalculation on how much money you’re gonna make so make sure that’s, uncheck the visitor for, or if you just need to drop shipping, our newest selling period on eBay, all right. Well, yeah! This is it! This is the eBay App that I’ve been using for some time and it’s really great, and I thought I’d share with you guys, especially those of you just trying to get out there and make you Know a couple of bucks or trying to start something big on eBay.

This is definitely an app. You want to download onto your iDevice as of right. Now I have not seated on an Android device, so it could be available, and I’ll. Do some research on it and see if there’s, one similar to that for those of you for Android devices, but for right now this eBay App works really well on all AI devices.

You can use this on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad iOS, 12 or higher, so make sure you go ahead and download it. It’s. Free doesn’t cost any money, and it gets straight to the point. So this is really good for those of you who are on eBay, trying to sell items so definitely check it out, but that’s.

All I got for you guys today. I thought I’d share this app with you all. Let me know in the description of this eBay App is very helpful and useful to you also, if you found one that’s even better that maybe even show some other things.

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