Samsung Gear S2 Watch Apps are here. It is a smartwatch that gives you all the access like your Android. It means that it has all the features like a Smartphone. We can say that it is a Smartphone. Because it works the same as well. If you have this watch, then you have no need to hold your phone in hand at any time. Because all the apps and functions give you mobile access. Like if you want to call your friend, and then you can easily use it. It’s really a nice and surprising app for the users. Hence, it is a popular watch in the world.

Features of Best Watch Face Samsung Gear S2 Watch Apps Smart switch

  • You can easily connect to and disconnect from a mobile device.
  • You can download the apps and do settings them.
  • Moreover, you can find my Watch with it.
  • Easily install the Galaxy Watch apps on your mobile device.

List of Best Watch Face Samsung Gear S2 Watch Apps Smart switch

samsung gear s2 watch apps 2

Here we discuss some special apps that really useful for everyone. These are as follows:

Phone Calls

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With the smartwatch, you can do a phone call to your friends or family members. It means that you can connect it with your sim card in the mobile. You can use your all the contacts at any time as you want. This is really the best app for you. Moreover, it is special for you, because it connects you with your buddies.

S Health

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This app is Samsung Health app of Gear S2. That provides core features to keep up your body fit and healthy. Therefore, it will record and analyze your daily activities and habits to help maintain a successful diet. Hence, you can add and track the various physical exercises and activities in a single step. Moreover, it provides your daily snacks, food, water, and caffeine intake and tracks your diet.

News Briefing

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This Samsung Gear S2 app gives you access to a news briefing. Hence, you can use the News Briefing. You can view the latest articles on all of your favorite topics all in one place. So, this app is very simple to use as well. Because you have needed to just swipe left or right to browse through the various categories. More is that you could also set your favorite categories to customize your feed.

Camera Gear

In this app, you can shoot a picture at any time. It means that if you want to shoot pictures or record video on your phone. All is with your Gear S2; this is the app to do it. Hence, turning that crisp, vibrant circular display into a viewer. Thus, it works with both front and rear-facing cameras. That supports a flash mode and have a self-timer mode to give you time to get into the shot.