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I’m, bringing you an app review for Amazon, Prime video, a while back on Twitter. I posted that Amazon Prime video had an app in the store, and up app in the store, but you just couldn’t log into it, but now it’s fully available and you can watch videos and everything on it.

So let’s, see how it works, and let’s see if it’s worth downloading. Here is the Amazon Prime Video for Windows. You see it right there and right off the bat like I said it’s been in the store for like about a week or so now you just couldn’t log in it would just crash the application, but it looks like Now they’ve just activated it.

So here you have the home screen of it, as you can tell by this house icon and this little cursor here indicating where you’re at and from the far left you have. If you open up this extra menu, you have your Prime video just like that, and it just shows you the home screen it’s.

Just a shortcut, you have your search, you have your home, your store, your channels, your categories, and, if you hit the drop-down it gives you all the different channels for different things: 4k, UHD, shorts, future deals, and so on closing that out, you have your stuff.

So more my stuff, and that shows you whether other purchases you’ve, had so my personal Amazon thing. I have these purchases and I have these little movies and things on my watch list and things like that, and then he shows you everything together, and then you have your purchases and rentals.

So if you watch arrow as I do, this is where you’ll see your purchases and rentals, and then also if you go out of there, you can see downloads. So if you download anything it’ll show up here, and then the other part is, and on kids or Amazon.

Prime video for kids, which just shows you a whole bunch of kids-related shows so that the kid stuff is just easy to find. Instead of you know how kids are when you have kids, they don’t, have them as much patience as most of us.

So you just want to find your thing really quick and they have all those little things there and it’s all there and then the last thing you have here then sign out is your settings, and this allows you to choose different options for When you want how you want to download things, so it says download using uncle data.

So if you’re on mobile data, lets you check off whether or not you want to allow that to happen. Download quality. So if you’re on, if you download things it lets, you choose how much space you want to take up.

So it says for best quality video uses about 2.4 gigabytes of data and storage for 1-hour video and then better is one-hour videos about 1.1 and then good use about 0.5. If you’re at version, it is 1.

0, so it just came out, and then you had your storage, how much storage you have left on whatever your main devices. Obviously, I only have one hard drive, so it’s. Not gonna show anything else there and it doesn’t, look like you, can even change the storage device, the default storage device that you want to save your stuff to, and then here you have your other information that goes out to the website.

For Amazon Prime video allows you to do everything else on there, so going back home, you can click that or you can click this to go back home, and you have your watch next this this kind of reminds me of a Fire TV stick or a fire stick just Because the layout is kind of similar you swipe left and right or scroll, left and right.

Well, you can click on this arrow and go between them and you scroll down to just go through everything. This is exactly kind of how it is on the fire. Stick. You can tell this is not based on Microsoft’s fluent design or anything like that.

This is just Amazon’s, design style. This is kind of how their UI and their interfaces all look like on all of their products. So there’s nothing really out of the ordinary in terms of design. For this thing, if you click on something let’s say what are the shows that I’m actually looking forward to if I search for Hannah, for example, a really good show – and I click on here – you can see here – you Have the show title for search? You can refine the search byways to watch which is like included with prime renter by you can choose by channels, so did the different channels that it could be on.

If you don’t find what you’re fine looking for there’s, a good chance. It’s, probably just not there, but you can sort and narrow in. If there’s like a ton of things that have that title oops, I accidentally press bet, and then also you can hit this plus icon, which adds it to your watch list.

So if I plus it adds it to your watch list which, if I go back to my stuff, you see popped up right there. So going back forward. You can see it here. If I click on it, it doesn’t start the video right away, which is really nice.

It allows you to choose whatever season fun for it. It’s like I’m getting to season two. So if I want to watch season two, I can do that it might take a little longer just because of how slow my connection is.

When I’m streaming, so you can see that stuff, and then, if I want to go back, you can go back to season one it loads a lot faster. You can watch the episodes which we’ll get to in a second to show you how the video interface is.

You have your watch trailer, you have your remove from the watch list and you have your download. I’m, not gonna download it just that I don’t have that much space on this computer and I’d love to reserve my space, and then here you can see the show synopsis and things like that.

So if I hit this it doesn’t start play. You have to hit this play button for it to start you can click on the text down below and it’ll expand the text, so you can read all of it. Cuz! You see the dots at the end right there and you just go through nuclear atom watch different things, in fact, sue to prevent spoilers of this show.

If you like, watching this kind of stuff, I’m just gonna hit play on this one. Here and then I’m, just gonna pause, it real quick. There we go so you can see it here. This is just a trailer, so there’s, no spoilers on it x-ray for Amazon.

Prime video is essentially it lets. You see more into what’s going on in the show, such as who’s on the screen at the time, and things like that, so you can see that Karen was on a bullet with butterfly wings as May as maid miles was His Hannah, and then you can see Michelle done Duncan, is false, Marisa and things like that, and you can see the quality which will automatically bump up once you wait a little bit, you know just load or you can just hit this and you can just choose the best quality and then it’ll reach that level and another thing you can see what the quality is.

You can see how much space /, how much? What is it, how much data per hour that everything will take up in terms of bandwidth as you’re streaming it? So you can see best uses about 6.84 gigabytes per hour, that’s kind of a lot because it’s, not 4k.

But I guess you have your volume there. You can up and down your volume, lower the volume all the way. Actually, in case this thing just starts playing like it’s. Trying to do you got your subtitles there, so you got subtitles, you can turn it on and off.

You got your audio, your subtitle settings. So if I click that you can change the size of your subtitles change, the color scheme of the subtitles, maybe it’s hard for you to see these colors, so you can change it to different things, which is pretty nice, and then you have Your view, all for an x-ray, which brings up a lot more, you can see just crisper detail on what’s going on in the current scene.

You can see the different scenes. You can see the cast of this, this specific episode, which is kind of the general cast of the whole, show, and then you can see the music, so you can see a camera. No, in fact, made the music to this trailer and you can see just like the album thing and just like that and the cool thing is it’ll open it up in Amazon Prime video.

So I don’t know if I actually have Amazon music. I do not. I don’t have Amazon music, but there is an Amazon music app on the Microsoft Store that you can actually download and probably view the same thing on there.

So that’s, really nice and then, if we hit closed x-ray, you see just like that. It closed the x-ray and then if I close out altogether close player and then it’s closed out. So it’s. It’s, pretty straightforward.

It’s, pretty streamlined. If you’re familiar with the Fire TV stick and whether it’s, the 4k very or the regular, they all have generally the same interface. Even the fire tablets and fire um, you know fire tablets.

They all have similar interfaces. Where let’s go back home here where, when you can scroll left and right or you can go up and down and just see everything there. It’s kind of like the generic entertainment interface, that even Apple uses, which is everything like that.

Even Netflix uses this kind of interface, so yeah it’s, it’s a pretty cramped application, final thoughts. You can also just see the banner of the latest things that they’re, trying to look at so Twilight Zone and things like that.

You can see the latest things, yeah it’s, it’s a pretty interesting application. I don’t really watch videos on my computer. I don’t watch this kind of thing on my computer. I normally use it on as a TV, I have a Fire TV stick, but if you’re a person who watches a lot of this content – Amazon, Prime video content on your computer, now you have a native application that just works and it’s and it’s for this computer.

It’s free to download. You could just sign in to your Amazon account and you can watch all the Amazon content. You want that’s attached to your account, so yeah definitely take a look at this.

It is very interesting that you can finally do this instead of having to go through their website, so yeah, alright, everybody. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs-up, and we’re, calling higher and higher in terms of rankings in terms of subscribers and just the numbers are growing very quickly.

Thanks for all the support you can follow me on the next windows on Twitter, I’ll, put it all on the screen. Next windows on twitter subscribe to the channel. Tell your friends! This is just the channel where I find full stuff that you might want to download, and – and this is another cool thing that lets you get away from your web browser and just get directly to your content, so take care everybody

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