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What Does The Amazon Flex App Review Is Safe to download Android

Welcome to this article, What Does The Amazon Flex App Review Is Safe to download Android not working. How to use amazon flex app look like.

I think one of the biggest positives to the Amazon Flex app is the flat $ 18 per hour for drivers. No one else is doing this in this space and I think the amount of work that you’re assigning for that pay is also fair.

Now, a lot of these companies provide is some type of swag. When let’s, say equipment for their independent contractors, but I think you guys are doing it riot when it comes to quality. You’ve, updated the generic safety vests that could provide a for free for drivers to in Amazon flex, branded more professional best.

Now that may not seem like much if you’re a driver, but it’s, actually more valuable than you think. It adds credibility to you as a driver. It’s. Saying hey! Look I’m actually, with Amazon versus making these home deliveries with just a generic, invest and Amazon, I got ta say the Flex platform setting up and getting in and out of the warehouse is extremely easy.

Amazon Flex App Install ( Not Working )

It’s very well-organized. It’s very clear how things lay out. There is always a good amount of actual employees there to help, and the whole process is a pretty seamless all right. That’s enough Pat’s on the back.

Let’s, talk about some areas of opportunities. Well, I talked about it. Some positives that you’re, doing that no one else in the space is doing, but something that you’re not doing that. Everyone else is is offering a pay incentives.

Now I get it, I get it. You’re, offering the flat $ 18 per hour and some of these other apps. If you work on them, you can guarantee you’ll, make $ 18 every single hour, but especially during to these quarantine times when drivers are really risking their safety being out and about and yes, they may not be interacting with customers as much.

I would like to see some sort of pay incentive, because we all know the volume is there. As most all consumers are now heavily reliant on delivery. Now, something you haven’t proved on. In my opinion, is the scheduling system in the past? It has been extremely extremely difficult to actually grab and signup from one of your flex shifts now.

This could be an a testament adjust to the current landscape. As again, consumers are a heavily reliant on delivery, but I am seeing a lot more shifts becoming available. Now a big area of opportunity in the past is your mapping and navigation and your battery drain working on Amazon flash guys it just takes so so much of your phone battery now.

I certainly hope that has changed and improved here in 2020, because guys you’re, the only app where a driver needs to carry around a portable battery pack just to complete a three-hour shift, and please PLEASE integrate Google Maps in to the Amazon flex.

App, the native navigation is a nothing short of horrible and it may be even adding to that battery drain. In my opinion, Google Maps is so much easier, really anything other than the native and navigation.

So hey you’re. The only players in this space, no one else – has on a demand and delivery for independent contractors with a phone app, so you’re doing a ton right. The pay is fair. That work is fair.

The system the platform works very cleanly. I think there’s. A few optimization points, a few areas of opportunity, but if improved that can even further yourself in the market. So if you’re, an Amazon, a flex driver, what would you say in Amazon? What are they doing right? What are the things that they could improve on? Let us know it down below in the comments and, if you’ve enjoyed this video consider out, leaving a like and make sure to click or tap the screen.

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