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4 best Android Boxes- Where to buy? and Complete Buying Guide

You do not yet have an android box  ? Or do you already have one but it’s getting old or just want better performance?

Who Are The Android Boxes For?

Our editorial team, after a detailed analysis of the market, was able to highlight the 4 best android boxes of 2020 .

Criteria To Buy Android Box:


We must distinguish two types of memory, RAM memory and ROM memory. RAM memory is the equivalent of the lungs for your device. The more RAM memory you have, the more you can use large applications. This will also allow you to have several applications open at the same time without your device experiencing major slowdowns.

ROM now! If RAM is the equivalent of the lungs in your device, ROM is the equivalent of the brain. This memory is the best known to the public and it is in this part that you will store your data, such as your films, your series, your music or your applications.


Although this is a very technical point, the appearance of your android box may be important to you.

So there, it is a purely subjective choice that must be made. Our editorial team highlighted the android boxes which are appreciated by the general public. You are free to choose the one that speaks to you the most.

If we can give you any advice, try not to attach too much importance to the aesthetic aspect of your device.

The remote control

You will be constantly asked to use it, so long as it is best to choose a fairly complete one.

It is necessary to take into account certain characteristics, the functions of this remote control and its autonomy.

In terms of functions, there is nothing more pleasant than having access to a remote control which has certain shortcuts. The best known is the Netflix shortcut button. Or have a microphone available that will allow you to do your research without having to type everything manually.

Regarding the autonomy, it is important to know if the battery of the remote control is rechargeable or if it will be necessary to put batteries in it. And again, if you have to put batteries, it is better to choose a remote control that consumes few batteries than one that will eat 3 batteries per week.

Your use

The choice of your android box will be made according to the use you will make of it.

If you want to play regularly with your device, you better opt for a device with a large RAM memory. If you want to use it primarily for consuming media content, you’d better get one with bigger internal storage. This is an example, you have to know what your use will be and make the choice best suited to your expectations.

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Best Cheap Android Box: Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K

  • Its very low price for this quality
  • Its ultra-complete remote control
  • Its expandable storage memory
  • 8GB of storage memory

This android box was already present in our ranking of last year and is naturally present in that of this year.

Its performance is quite amazing for an android box at such a low price. A 2GB RAM memory, this will be used more than enough to run your multimedia applications such as Netflix, Youtube or Spotify.

The storage capacity, although a little low (only 8GB of internal memory), can be improved with a hard drive connected to USB or even simply a USB key.

In terms of design, it’s pretty classic. A black case, rounded edges which ensure a very futuristic rendering while remaining quite sober.

The remote control is very simple but yet very complete. A simple round button to validate your actions and a kind of circle to navigate through the menus. It works with two AAA batteries, which last a very long time despite active use. The Xiaomi Mi Box S remote control has a microphone that will allow you to call on the virtual assistant easily. There is a shortcut to Netflix.

In short, if you are going to consume multimedia content, this android box is one of the best android box of 2020 .

The Nvidia Shield TV:

  • Ultra fast
  • Its original and complete remote control
  • Dolby technology for sound and picture
  • Chromecast technology
  • Original design
  • His price

This new model of Android box from Nvidia is as much a pleasure for the eyes as for the use.

In terms of technical characteristics, the device is equipped with the latest Nvidia Tegra x1 + processor which makes this android box 25% faster than that of the previous generation. This installation also makes it possible to watch the video in enhanced 4K. This will not be refused since most TVs start to be able to play 4K without worry.

This technology also allows you to improve your gaming sessions, you will have access to hundreds of titles. The addition of a controller is however necessary to be able to play in the best conditions.

The design is quite original this time. A cylinder (vaguely reminding me of JBL speakers, but anyway…), it’s relatively aesthetic and you shouldn’t have any problems integrating it into your living room.

The device uses Dolby Vision for the optimization of its images and Dolby Atmos for the sound. These two technologies ensure that you can use your android box in the best possible way and get the most out of your content.

The Nvidia Shield TV is also equipped with Chromecast technology, which allows you to stream content from your various devices directly to your television.

The remote control is quite original in its shape, a triangular shape which is special when you first use it. It is very well equipped, a quick access button to Netflix, quick navigation buttons, buttons to change the sound volume but that’s not all! It also has buttons to be able to pause your content or go to the next content, this allows you to do these actions faster than with a conventional remote control.

In short, if you want to use your android box on a very regular basis, the Nvidia Shield TV is probably one of the best android boxes of 2020 .

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Like its little sister, the Nvidia Shield, this Pro version is also an example in terms of performance.

The Android box from Nvidia is equipped with a 2GB RAM memory, which is more than enough with a processor such as his which ensures very good computing speed even when you are gaming.

Its storage capacity is 16GB. This is more than most android box available on the market. However, as we recommend for the other models, if you want to consume multimedia content it is preferable to store it on a hard drive or even on an online storage platform.

If you are going to play with your android box , this is probably one of the best alternatives on the market.

Design wise, you should already be familiar with this appearance because it is identical to the previous version. A long black case, quite flat. You can buy a booth if you want to make it stand straight in your living room.

The remote now is exactly the same as the basic version, shown just above in this article.

In short, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is certainly the best android box of 2020.

The android box X96 Mini

The latter has already been the subject of a full article, so we invite you to consult the detailed analysis of the X96 Mini case .

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